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Colorado River Animal Medical Center

Veterinary Care from a Team You Can Trust

Colorado River Animal Medical Center is a full service small animal medical hospital. We offer preventive and medical care for all life stages including laboratory services, ultrasound, and dentistry. Our staff (link to team page) strives to treat every pet as if they were our own. We want to go through all the stages of your pet's life with you – from puppy/kitten to mature and geriatric pets.

Our facility is equipped with the latest equipment and technology in order to provide the highest standard of care. With love and care from you, along with our services, we hope to help your pet lead a long and healthy life!

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Wellness Care

Pet Wellness Care in Bullhead City, AZ

Our veterinarians and staff believe a healthy start begins with a healthy diet, testing for Feline Leukemia and FIV in all kittens, testing and treating for worms and parasites including hookworm, roundworm, and heartworm in both kittens and puppies, in addition to an age appropriate series of vaccinations designed to prevent several diseases and viruses including Rabies, Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Canine Infectious Bronchitis (Kennel Cough), Feline upper-respiratory infections and Feline Leukemia, just to name a few.


We offer in house digital radiology. Radiographs allow the doctor to view and get important information regarding bone structure, the heart, lungs and other organs. Radiographs can be essential in diagnosing your pet's condition.


Pet Dentistry in Bullhead City, AZ

We also offer in house Dental Cleanings for your pet. This procedure is generally recommended for pets 2 years of age or older who are experiencing moderate to severe tarter build up, inflammation or infection of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth (gingivitis), and or bad breath that does not improve with the use of preventative products. The procedure involves performing a thorough dental exam, pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure that liver and kidney functions are satisfactory for anesthesia, and occasionally antibiotic treatment is necessary before a full dental cleaning can be performed.


We are proud to offer an array of surgical services. We first provide your pet with a thorough pre-anesthetic evaluation including an exam and blood work. The bloodwork is included with all surgical procedures, but highly recommended for all surgical patients. Our hospital has a state of the art surgical suite that allows our veterinarians to perform all common procedures including:

  • Anesthesia
  • Limited orthopedic repair
  • Spay and neuter
  • Hematoma repair
  • Declawing
  • Biopsies
  • Bladder stone removal
  • Hernia repairs
  • Laceration and wound repair
  • Minor eye surgery
  • Mass and tumor removal
  • Anal gland removal

In-House Laboratory

Blood and urinalysis testing can help us determine causes of illness accurately, safely, and quickly. This allows us to diagnose conditions early and monitor progress of medical treatment. Some of the more common tests evaluate organ function, electrolyte status, hormone levels, toxin exposure, pre-anesthetic screenings, and medication monitoring for any possible side effects of long-term use.

With our in-house laboratory we are able to perform various types of testing that can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

Various testing includes:
  • Ear Cytology
  • Complete Urinalysis
  • Skin Scrapes
  • Heartworm Disease
  • Testing for viruses (Parvovirus, FeLV/FIV)
  • Fecal Exams
  • Complete Blood Counts
  • Chemistries
  • Thyroid Testing

In-House Pharmacy

At Colorado River Animal Medical Center, we provide a well stocked pharmacy to meet the needs of our patients. Not only do we carry prescription medication but prescription diet foods from Hills & Royal Canin as well.

Please call the office prior to picking up prescriptions so we can ensure they are ready for you when you arrive. In some cases, an exam may be needed prior to filling a prescription. A doctor-patient relationship is required by Federal Law in order for medication to be prescribed to your pet.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy in Bullhead City, AZ

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses a beam of light that penetrates tissue without causing any damage. This processes stimulates a biological response leading to a reduction in pain and inflammation as well as a quicker healing time.

It is scientifically proven that laser therapy is successful in treating acute & chronic conditions.

Acute Conditions are:
  • Post surgical-healing and pain relief
  • Allergies
  • Wounds
  • Fractures
Chronic Conditions are:
  • Arthritis
  • Hip displasia
  • Otitis
  • Periodontal disease
  • & More


A lost pet is every owners worst fear. Microchips, inserted through an injection, offer permanent identification, helping thousands of owners reconnect with their lost pets. At Colorado River Animal Medical Center, we offer the most widely used microchip to increase the chances of a safe return.