Colorado River Animal Medical Center


You have excellent customer service. Everyone is courteous and friendly. I know you are extremely busy, but I never feel like the doctors are rushing you through to get to the next patient. They take their time and explain everything.
Barbara S.

The doctor was wonderful with Angel and listened to all I had to say. The techs were just the same and the staff at the front desk were friendly and helpful.
Brooke L.

The staff was friendly and the doctor was comforting. My dog is a rescue dog and uncomfortable around strange men. She was very at ease around the doctor.
Graceanne L.

I love my and doctor and staff. They are as concerned with myas health as I am. Always treat us like they really care.

Because you are all able to keep smiles on your faces and in your work. I feel safe for me and my animal when we are there and am treated with care and politness I hope is every where I go. Thanks so much.
Roxana G.

Very caring Staff everything was explained to me. Very delighted with everyone and Dr Wright.
Janet R