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Petly Wellness Plans

Colorado River Animal Medical Center loves your pets as much as you do. Throughout your pet’s life, preventative pet care in the form of annual or bi-annual exams, vaccines, dental care and specialty diets helps expand your pets' quality of life. The key to preventative wellness care is being sure your pet receives the care according to schedule. This is why our Petly Health Wellness Plans are so important to your pet. A simple monthly payment covers your pet’s necessary exams, vaccinations, and even dental cleanings if you wish. The plans are tailored to the life stage and health needs of each individual pet.

What is Petly?

Petly is a secure personal health page for your pet that gives you direct access to your pet's health records 24/7. We're happy to provide Petly to all our current clients who have an active email address at the practice.

Join Petly today for your own personalized pet health page! Your Petly page makes it easy to view your pet's medical history and appointment details all in one secure place. And you can check your page for pet health-related news and educational articles.Provide us with your email address by calling in, or emailing us with your email address and we will send you an email inviting you to join Petly and you'll be on your way!

Need a vaccine history for boarding this weekend? With Petly you can print your vaccine records right from home!

Plus so much more, including:

  • View your pet's visit history at out practice
  • View upcoming appointment information
  • Request appointments and prescription refills for your pet
  • Sign-up to receive appointment reminder text messages and emails
  • Update us on any changes to your address and phone numbers
  • View our recent Facebook posts
  • Manage your email and texting preferences

Want your own Petly page? Submit your information below if you would like us to send you a personal email invitation to activate your Petly!

*Note: Messages sent using this form are NOT confidential. Avoid sending highly confidential information or private information through this system.